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The Intellectual Gentlemen’s Club is devoted to conversations and dialogue on interesting, and sometimes controversial topics. It was started between dudes gathering around a fire, and over a beer or three. We sarcastically coined the term after imagining some old university fucks in a mahogany library study, with a monocle, a wooden pipe and scotch in hand. While I don’t have a problem with pipes or scotch, I do have a problem with powers that be feeling only extremely educated persons be labeled as “intellectuals”. I feel that any free-thinking person is an ( Intellectual ). And what exactly is a ( Gentlemen )? this term has been used in a variety of ways over time representing bottom of the barrel to an elite class. This is also used sarcastically due to our views that there should be no line between the classes. A gentlemen here, is someone who can get along with others. Male, Female, Transgender, or whatever else you classify yourself as. So maybe this should of been called the “Free-thinking cool person club”, but you see, that just dosen’t work now does it. With people so busy, it’s hard to get together sometimes so I wanted to expand the idea. I created a  group for private discussions. After being turned on to podcasts as an alternative to radio, I was inspired by such podcasts as “The Joe Rogan Experience”, “London Real”, and “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”. I had the idea that I could create one with friends and put on the cloud for people all around the world to engage themselves in interesting, thought provoking ideas. The idea is to bring positivity, hope, and awakening to listeners, and subscribers.

3 Responses to About

  1. annmarie says:

    Wonderful website!

  2. andrewlupton says:

    Very happy to have stumbled upon this website, your inspirations are akin to mine including Duncan and Joe. hopefully this site will find home on my book marks.
    Andrew Lupton

  3. Vash the Stampede says:

    Keep up the great conversations! Your influences are some of my favorite podcasts/human beings as well; I really dig your show. I hope you can be a guest on JRE, DTFH, Warrior Poet, and they on your show — as a mutual fan I can say the crossover possibilities are endless. Love and peace.

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