We get up every morning and put on our costume. I’m not talking about the Furry’s here, but average people. We put it on in a variety of ways. The clothes you put on, your jewelry, shoes, makeup all cover us to some degree. What it also does is put out a vibe to the world around you on what you are all about. You can get a lot of information about a first impression. Posture, attitude, hygiene, clothes, etc. Now I’m not saying you can get an accurate description, just a lot of information. For example, walking down the street you may see a man in a suit and think well, this fucking guy is a banker or lawyer. This may or not be true, and people are more than just their titles. For all you know the guy may hate his job and want to be an artist, but feels trapped by his current conditions and people he is responsible for. Or how about the dude in the baggy pants and hoodie, he must be a thug. He may be listening to a podcast and in process of deep thought and contemplation of the universe. You see where I’m going here. Stereotypes are rampant, but they are kind of unavoidable if you take a worldview that “they” are out there and “I’m” in here (classic us vs. them thinking). Think about how you get ready in the morning. You stand in front of your closet and unless your job requires a uniform, you wonder… What shall I wear today? You can directly influence how others perceive you. Even the skin on your body can be turned into a canvas. Nowadays you see tattoos everywhere. This is obviously a much more permanent way to put on a costume. For me, tattoos are kind of a storyline for my life. It would be hard for someone to look at me and figure me out. Am I mysterious? Perhaps, but aren’t we all? We all put on the costume we want. We all run ideas around in our head about who we want to project out. Next time you see someone and judge them solely on their appearance, remember that you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Unless you like to live in fear all the time, maybe give some people the benefit of the doubt that they are not entirely evil. We are all complex human beings.

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