Episode 11 – Terri Stangl

episode 11

Jason and Matt Abbott sit down and chat with Terri Stangl of Great Lakes Flotation. She started the company to bring Flotation tanks to the people of mid-Michigan. While we were onsite we had an opportunity to take a float and explore the mind, and relax. In our conversation we discuss what exactly the tank is, how our minds constantly are running away with our thoughts, and the illusion of good and bad. We also cover how floating can be beneficial to relieve stress, enhance creativity, and explore ones own consciousness in a unique isolation environment. Terri can be found through Great Lakes Flotation at www.greatlakesflotation.com, on Facebook and on Twitter @greatlakesfloat. Our music is brought to you by Secrets and can be found on soundcloud. Come join in the discussion and support the IGC at www.intellectualgentlemensclub.com and come get your swag. You should follow us on Twitter @igccast and on Facebook to receive updates and random interesting information. The podcast is available on iTunes and other directories as well. Direct Download here. Please share this Podcast… Get the word out!

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