Episode 7 – Lucia No. 3


Jason and Melanie Abbott Talk with Dr.’s Dirk Proeckl and Englebert Winkler in Austria. They are the co-inventors of the Lucia no. 3 Hypnogogic Light Experience. The Hypnagogic Light Experience opens the portal to a journey that begins at its destination: the common source of light and consciousness. We discuss what the machine is, how it works, and its many uses and benefits. We also discuss about how a near death experience was a partial inspiration for the machine, the psychedelic factor, and how the experience can be augmented with a variety of music to create real time “neuroart”. Their website can be found at www.light-attendance.eu and more info on their Facebook page . Our music is brought to you by Secrets and can be found on soundcloud. Come join in the discussion and support the IGC at www.intellectualgentlemensclub.com and come get your swag. You should follow us on Twitter @igccast and on Facebook to receive updates and random interesting information. The podcast is available on iTunes and other directories as well. Please share this Podcast… Get the word out!

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6 Responses to Episode 7 – Lucia No. 3

  1. Gail says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful interview. I’m the very proud owner of one of these incredible lamps here in the Uk and have just started a business, Time in the Light, bringing this very special light to the people of Southern England. It was a joy to listen to the interview, thanks again..Gail 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this interview…we’ve been using the light regularly as well as providing sessions in the USA and we’re astounded by the beneficial effects on our own meditation practices as well as testimonials from our salon’s light travelers. As everyone’s experience is unique, it’s fascinating to hear what people have to say! If you’re ever in Colorado, let us know!

  3. India has its first Light with 1000Petals. The Demos Given to a few key people have evoked amazing response 🙂 The Meditations are becoming deeper for a few and sometimes its invoking deep emotions within them.
    Lucia No. 3 … You are Amazing!!!!!!

  4. Erik says:

    This is a great interview. We are now offering the Lucia 3 light in Southwest Florida in Naples. This is a life changing process for allot of clients. The testimonials of clients testify what a great experience they have and the beneficial after effects after the light session. Thanks for taking the time to post this interview!… Erik ( The Om Spa )

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