Episode 9 – Brad Burge


Jason and Matt Abbott Talk with Brad Burge of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) in Santa Cruz, CA. MAPS is a non-profit, private donation funded organization. We discuss how MAPS takes legal avenues for studies of controlled substances. They envision a world where psychedelics and marijuana are safely and legally available for beneficial uses, and where research is governed by rigorous scientific evaluation of their risks and benefits. They believe in respectful, honest, and forthright transparency of the research they perform. We cover MDMA and PTSD, LSD and end-of-life, Psilocybin, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, and Marijuana risks and benefits, as well as the general misunderstandings, ignorance, disinformation, and propagandizing of the substances themselves.  We hope you can come to the conversation with an open mind. The MAPS website can be found at www.maps.org, on Facebook and on Twitter @mapsnews. Our music is brought to you by Secrets and can be found on soundcloud. Come join in the discussion and support the IGC at www.intellectualgentlemensclub.com and come get your swag. You should follow us on Twitter @igccast and on Facebook to receive updates and random interesting information. The podcast is available on iTunes and other directories as well. Please share this Podcast… Get the word out!

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