Arranged Vegetables Creating a Face

The average person doesn’t think about how Mitochondria will produce the energy (ATP) needed for the body to sustain life. We, as a general rule know we need fuel when we get hungry. There are patterns in place with daily life that will absorb us if we are not careful. A perfect example is now, after the holiday season. Feast upon feast upon feast, we grow our stomach lining to prep for the next big calorie dump into the body. The problem is that not all of the calories are needed from a large feast on a daily basis when not working the body from heavy exertion. Unless one is training for the next Ironman triathlon, one will soon notice the shape change in the body, and lethargy set in. I have heard that if you do something 7 days in a row, you have created a new habit. Every time you perform a certain task, your neurons strengthen to accommodate for learning purposes. Think of muscle memory for your brain. When putting food in your body, which is body fuel, pay attention to what you are putting in. more times than not… garbage in – garbage out. Next time you want to hit the drive-thru for something quick, maybe grab a piece of fruit. Your pallet will change over time from what you provide the body. Water begins to taste good, while soda may just taste too sweet. Or have a salad, they can be delicious. Just try to be gentle on the .5 micrometer Mitochondrion in your cells.

“We become what we repeatedly do” – Sean Covey

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