IGC 19 – Shawngela Pierce / Nic Gabriel

Episode 19

Jason Abbott is joined by Nic Gabriel, who returns to the IGC to have a discussion about meditation with Shawngela pierce. Shawngela is a meditation and qi gong teacher. She has a master’s in the field of education with post-master’s education in natural medicine, has logged over 3,000 personal hours of meditation, and has been teaching for over 15-years including college human anatomy & physiology, health, nutrition and meditation. We discuss the important benefits of meditation, how to start and stay consistent for maximum benefits, and explore superchargers and technology behind meditation. Nic can be found through www.jiujitsubrotherhood.com, and can be heard co-hosting regularly on The Journey Podcast. Shawngela can be found through her website at www.seekwithinyou.com. Our intro music is brought to you by Secrets and can be found on Soundcloud.

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