IGC 42 – Ian Overton and Nanga Parbat

episode 42

Jason Abbott is joined again by Chuck Erle and they speak with Ian Overton about his winter ascent of Nanga Parbat, the 9th highest mountain in the world in the Himalayas. We cover a great deal of the Cracked article “8 Things nobody tells you about climbing a mountain”. Ian, along with fellow climbers David Klein and Zoltan Acs found treacherous conditions, faced crevasse falls, an avalanche, and danger at every turn. The boys also talk about other 8,000 meter peaks, the 14ers of Colorado, and some interesting experiences. Come join in the discussion and support the IGC by using our Amazon, Audible, Onnit and PayPal links at www.intellectualgentlemensclub.com/support. You should follow us on Twitter @igccast and on Facebook to receive updates and random interesting information. The podcast is available on iTunes and other directories as well. Direct Download Here. Please share this Podcast… Get the word out!

Ian Overton – Facebook

8 Things nobody tells you about climbing a mountain – R. Jason Benson, Ian Overton

Secrets – Soundcloud

BeGun – “Shanghai (Ambassadeurs Remix)” iTunes

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