“The description of this proportion as Golden or Divine is fitting perhaps because it is seen by many to open the door to a deeper understanding of beauty and spirituality in life. That’s an incredible role for one number to play, but then again this one number has played an incredible role in human history and the universe at large” – H.E. Huntley

1.61803398875 Perhaps no other number has been pondered more by thinkers over time. It has proven to show itself in countless manifestations within nature. From branches on trees, to the geometry in crystals or a shell, to the layout of the human body, they all follow the same pattern. The Fibonacci sequence is directly related to it, and the further you go up the number chain, the closer it gets to Phi. It is the basis for many great works of art. The great Da Vinci called it the divine proportion and it is used on many of his works, specifically the Vitruvian man. Architecture is another arena where you see its frequency. The pyramids of Egypt, the Parthenon, and of course many cathedrals have used it to enhance the beauty. In fact it is even proposed that it’s the inherentness of beauty and hard wired into ourselves. The golden ratio can even be expressed as music. Could it be that it shows up so frequently due to a creators love for it, or is it simply the effect of the fundamental forces of the universe working together?

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