The Intellectual Gentlemen’s Club Podcast Episode 2


In Episode 2, your Host Jason Abbott and Co-Host Toby Aylesbury tackle a contraversial topic. We spend some time with Michael Fullerton, a 9/11 skeptic and a member of Scientists for 9/11 truth. We discuss the controversial findings of the official reports surrounding 9/11, specifically the Twin towers and WTC building 7. We also touch on malignant personalities, psychopathy, and sociopaths regarding governmental institutions, and corporations. You can read his article in the Foreign Policy Journal here: Michael Fullerton Article. We hope you come to the discussion with an open mind. Feel free to discuss with us and support us here on our website, or our Facebook page. You can follow Michael on Twitter @MikeEFullerton and us @igccast. Please subscribe on iTunes and give us a rating and review. Direct download here: hope you enjoy the podcast. Thanks for Tuning in.

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