The Intellectual Gentlemen’s Club Podcast Episode 3


Jason and Matt Abbott have a Chat with Alexander Ward in the UK. We dive deep in episode 3 discussing the world of Shamanism and Ayahuasca. We also touch on other Psychedelics including Psilocybin and MDMA. We hope that you come to the discussion with an open mind. Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. Please check out his projects and works on his websites at and You can also find him on Facebook, and twitter @wardyworks. You can also find his guest appearance and Co-Host appearance at Come join in the discussion and support the IGC at, on Facebook, iTunes, and twitter @igccast. Direct download here: Please share this Podcast… Get the word out!

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7 Responses to The Intellectual Gentlemen’s Club Podcast Episode 3

  1. Xavier says:

    This was great; thanks guys! Hey I have one goofy little question: what was the music at the end of the video? I want to find it! Grazie.

  2. Juliano says:

    Here’s some feedback. Love the cool groove at the end mmmmm OK. I had LSD given to me when 15, and didn’t know anything about shrooms etc then. All I can say is this. We need all the help we can get No Brainer. Stupid crap we do. Rant . I encourage people not to put *any* psychedelics down. LSD really brought me back to nature. Years later I was moved to find Albert Hofmann had that dream–for LSD taken in nature to heal the rift modern peoples have with the natural world, and other species, and each other) for his “wonder child”.

    I was very interested in briefly hearing about Alexander’s difficult experiences with ayahuasca, and would LOVE to hear more about this. He says he experienced all the horrors of the world, world poverty, Holocaust, etc. This reminds me of the shroom experience I had years ago where my vision turned into this horrendous whirlpool of dead mangled bodies–like you would see in Nazi camp news footage–with their eyes staring, and I was being sucked in and I totally freaked out! I should have not suppressed it, but was tripping with a friend and was not savvy about wise ways of tripping (this we are learning about more and more now). It also reminds me of this amazing documentary I saw in years before there was even video recorders, and i have NEVER seen it again repeated on TV or been able to find it on Youtube. It was BBC2 TV in UK, and a man was given LSD on camera and had the experience in a Nazi camp setting [ie this was after the war but he may have been a survivor and chose to undergo this experience]!! The BBC chap interviewing him was all coldly asking him with his plumb posh BBC voice how he felt, and the guy–now tripping–looked at him directly and said that he was part OF this horror so why was he acting so cold and distant! He was seeing the act people play when they dissociate themselves from what is going on in the world . When they make a false image of the world. VERY powerful, and typical it’s only ever been shown fukin once!

    I remember at a friends house, this lad of about 15 had dropped some acid unbeknownst to us. Ordinarily he was a quiet lad, friend of my friends son, but as the trip came up he got more and more upset and agitated asking why there were so many wars, and suffering in the world. He had to be calmed down. Alexander said an entity told him he had to face these difficult visions and feelings so he wouldn’t create a false image of the world.

    Like Alex I would like to see healing Retreats and/or sanctuaries where people can go and gain physical and spiritual healing from taking the psychedelic of their choice. That this healing should have ecological awareness as central, because real healing is healing a disconnect with nature.

  3. Juliano says:

    one critique about your title. THE most important thing we need to understand is the suppression of women and the mythological connection of the feminine with nature. I think an underlying destructive drive we are seeing happening which is an extremely serious threat to the natural world and all life is this fear and hatred of the feminine and thus of nature and the insance desire to control.
    So if I was a woman and I see this place called The Intellectual Gentlemen’s Club Podcast , I would feel closed out straightaway. Like I would as a male and it was ‘women only’

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  5. Kerry says:

    I would like to thank you for the homework you have done and hitting the nail on the head. I was just to a school of Ayahuasca Curandaros in Peru for 6 weeks. My experiences there were all of what you have described and more. There are many shamans that are not what they seem. Our class was able to witness the effects of dark magic that was inflicted by another local, as well proper intent of a shaman that is in the light. I have had many visions in my life of light and dark. Yes, it is the place, the other souls you are with, as well the intent of your journey’s ,that will navigate which path is taken.
    Yes we are all of one… The” Uni -verse” when enough of us can see the truth in that, for those of us that can stay connected for the duration, our entity that we are within , will be able to turn the tide on its own spirit, and be able to give birth to a new. Once again with harmony and some sort of peace, at least for a while.
    For lack of better words”God” gives us the strength of outward energy and spirit, The earth mother “Gaia” gives us nurturing and a place to experience this life. Together they are communicating there ideas and actions to us . We get to experience.
    As all energy works, without both positive and negative there is no opposing force, without opposing force, there is void. things then are going as planned, and all things are possible.

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