The Preciousness of Time

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We live in but an instant of infinite magnitude. If you look at the adult life of a mayfly which exists for around 24 hours, you may be persuaded by the ego that humans are everlasting creatures. In reality a lifespan of an average human on the geological scale is a fractional blip. This blip is all the time we have. Many people take for granted the time they are given on this earth. Some have a very real understanding of the proverbial ticking clock and use what they have left to their benefit. Taking out the possible reincarnation factor, what is possible in one lifetime?  I look to others thorough history who have achieved great things like Tesla and his life’s work of inventions, some of which are still not completely understood. Or how about DaVinci with his many honed skills blending the arts, and the sciences. Martin Luther King Jr. departed early, but left an everlasting legacy of his passions. The point I am trying to make here is even though we have a limited amount of time, we have the ability to prioritize what is important to us and make things happen. Every generation has the advantage of peering back at all other recorded generations and to build on what they previously figured out… Using the previous blueprints, one can upgrade on the science, philosophies, and arts that have already been in place. One of the major problems of time is that we tend to think “there will be time for that”. In fact if you don’t set aside time to do the things you desire to do, life will in fact pass you up. When I was younger, I looked at adults as people who are running out of time without giving much thought that I eventually would be in the same situation. It can be argued fairly successfully that you can’t put a price on time. Sure, we all need to basically sell our time to employers to get the things we need or more often than not “want”. But let me assure you that your time is more precious than any employer is willing to shell out. Take a moment to think about those last moments of people’s lives, the ones where you are minutes away from the end. What would some people give to live but a few more hours, minutes, or seconds to say goodbye to the ones they love. What would those moments be worth? Ten bucks an hour? A thousand? A million? It matters not. The most financially wealthy eventually also die. They may be able to slightly extend their life, but there comes a point where all the technology and money in the world won’t be able to give them another second of life. None of us get out of this life alive. If we all thought we only had a few moments to live, life may be much more productive. On the other hand, we rush to work, rush home to busy ourselves with projects in life, and rush to accomplish what we want to leave behind for others. Time is of the essence, but I find truth in the phrase “stop to smell the roses”. I find a balance of productivity and enjoyment equals a better quality of life. Center yourself, find out what is really important to you as an individual, and make it happen. Tesla, DaVinci, and King all lived on human timescales as do you. Greatness is within everyone, you only need to unlock your potential, but be careful the clock is ticking!

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