The Restoration Of Liberty


The Restoration of Liberty:

An American Manifesto for the 21st Century

By: Toby Aylesbury

 Among all the ideas of man throughout time, the concept that men and women are endowed with rights upon birth and that those same rights come from a Higher plane than they themselves walk, reigns supreme as undeniable truth. That Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are a birthright from God, not a gift from government was and is the very essence of what made America unique among the nations of the earth. That a government could derive its power from the very people it seeks to govern was and is the supreme example for humility ever conceived by man for his own governance. This Manifesto is a plan to return the United States of America to the pinnacle of earthly freedom while honoring the birthright of generations to come as well as expressing gratitude to those who came before.

 The tax code must be completely destroyed and a new one put in place unless and until a better method of raising national revenue is crafted. All men and women over the age of 18 and all for-profit businesses must pay 15% (which should be lowered as soon as possible) of their annual income for the purposes of government enumerated in the Constitution. All minors, since they do not vote, will have no income tax levied upon them. Everyone pays: no exemptions, no loopholes, no lobbying for favors. The States should likewise unburden their citizens by lowering State and Local taxes and encouraging productive activities such as business, education, and energy development by reducing red tape.

Every able-bodied American should be working. By reducing taxes and removing revenue loss through inflation industry will soar to the point that jobs should be available for everyone who wants one. No more handouts. Everyone is capable of contributing, even the disabled. For proof look no further than Dr. Stephen Hawking.  If people choose not to work, then they are choosing not to provide the necessities of life for themselves. We should not deprive any one of their rights to choose. Those who truly cannot work (as determined by competent authority) should be provided a stipend to provide the necessities of life only.

We must phase out entitlement programs, as they are essentially government-sanctioned theft from the next generation on behalf of the current and encourage laziness and freeloading instead of thrift and hard work. If Ponzi schemes are illegal for people, then they should be illegal for a government of, by, and for the people. Every American aged 40 years and younger at the time of this writing should not plan on receiving Social Security benefits. Americans aged 41-50 years should plan on receiving 50% of the current benefit offered, Americans aged 51-60 should plan to receive 75% of the current benefit offered, and those Americans aged 61 and higher will receive the current benefit until death or written refusal of the benefits. The added income for individuals from lowering taxes should allow each of these groups here listed substantial means and time to save for retirement.

Deficit spending should be illegal, period. No branch or level of government should be allowed to do what is forbidden for individuals. Specifically, incurring debt on others’ behalf without consent: voting in public elections is not considered consent for indentured servitude or wage slavery.

The Federal Reserve Banking System should be dissolved and all debt thereto erased. It was conceived in greed and secrecy and has only produced modern slavery. Every penny was conjured from thin air and there it should return. All currency should be created, distributed, and moderated by the Treasury Department under the discretion of the Congress, and as described in the Constitution.

The dollar should be backed by gold and a simple and understandable method for accounting for the gold should be used. Audits of the gold and of the currency should be mandatory at a reasonable interval (2 years). All mines should therefore be State Property to protect the money supply from unauthorized and counterfeit currencies or private devaluation of the public currency. Contracts to operate the mines should be permissible and industry should be encouraged to research new and innovative ways to extract, refine and mint gold and silver.

We must control and secure our borders. All men, women and children currently in the United States illegally should be returned to their country of origin and provided instructions in their native tongue and English on the legal procedures for attaining US citizenship.

The Department of Defense should be just that, a defensive mechanism to protect our citizens at home and abroad. A proportionately sized military of 2% of the population should be sufficient to protect our borders and discourage invasion. This 2% should include both active and reserve components. Our military should cost no more than 2% of GDP and the arming, outfitting, and updating of our military should account for no more than 10% of GDP.

The United States must adopt a foreign policy based on the security of our borders and providing assistance only upon request. It is a crime that we are providing arms and monetary support to hostile governments while our own fellow Americans- our friends, family, and neighbors and indeed ourselves-are placed in perpetual economic bondage or made to go without the necessities of life.

Prisons must be run by the government and not by private corporations. Extreme moral hazard exists where depriving men and women of life, liberty and property is profitable.

The proposed 28th Amendment to the US Constitution should be ratified as currently written (holding congress to the same laws as citizens) and a 29th should be proposed to limit the terms of office to 2 for each elected position and 30 years total government service. Expressly meaning 2 terms in the House of Representatives and 2 terms in the Senate. It stands to reason that if the President should serve no more than 2 terms, neither should the representatives and senators. Pensions should be given only to those government employees who complete 30 years of government service, with exception of the military. Members of the military should still be allowed to retire with pension at current levels after 20 years.

The Federal Government must allow each state and commonwealth the freedom to govern as the people of the same see fit so long as it does not infringe on any right granted by God or the US Constitution (see 10th Amendment) and act only upon request to assist the states in this endeavor.

All labor unions should be abolished. These organizations hold hostage many of our most necessary industry functions. These organizations seek to put at odds workers and employers by utilizing an “us vs. them” mentality. This is counter-productive to the healing of our nation. This is especially heinous in public education, where teachers are pit against parents and students! It is in this environment that we send our children to be molded into the next generation of leaders.

Education should emphasize critical thinking, not rote memorization and regurgitation of facts. The Arts should continue to play a role in every child’s education, along with the  “Three R’s.” Physical education likewise should be mandatory and measured making special arrangements for disability.

Public Middle School and High School curricula should include religious familiarization studies. Without favoring a single religion, students should be exposed to the beliefs, rituals and customs of all the world’s religions. This would lend to understanding and tolerance instead of the current state of ignorance and fear, because after all, we fear what we don’t understand. If these types of courses can be taught in public universities, there is no reason not to teach them at an earlier age in our public schools.

Proper use of firearms should be a part of the public Middle School and High School curricula. We teach them archery with very few serious accidents. In a controlled environment without live ammunition (there are many different forms of ammunition that would not cause serious harm such as rubber rounds, paint rounds, blanks, and small caliber training rounds) our children would learn a valuable life skill.  This type of education would teach respect for the power of firearms and emphasize the value of life. Again, people fear what they don’t understand. If we can teach our children to use a table-saw safely, we should be able to teach them to use a firearm safely.

The voting system in America should be modernized both in method and security. There should be no vote cast by anyone lacking a pulse or that has been declared brain dead. A National Voting Day should take place every two years that includes National as well as State and Local issues. Every Executive Order should be voted on in this manner giving the president never more than 2 years to exert power over the people without their express consent.

All Executive Orders still in force today should be reviewed for applicability and rescinded if no longer (if ever) needed. The NDAA of 2012 and the Patriot Act of 2001 should be the first to be erased from the books. They are both completely unconstitutional as they deprive Americans of Life, Liberty, and/or Property without due process.

All patents claiming exclusive rights to any natural creature, plant, or phenomenon that existed before the requestors’ birth should be revoked. No future patent should be granted on the same basis. This includes, but is not limited to, the human body and every part and particle thereof, every plantable seed, the air we breathe, and the water we drink.

A basic level of Health Care should be provided for all Americans and should be limited to preventive care, emergency care, and obstetrics. All other forms of Health Care should be the responsibility of the individual. Preventive care is a matter of National and State well-being and should be treated as such. Emergency care should not include self-induced diseases and injuries such as preventable cancers and the degenerative effects of poor hygiene, diet, judgment, or self care (alcohol, tobacco, illegal substance abuse, etc…) Obstetrics is an essential and life preserving practice and every woman and child should be provided the ability to bring life into this world safely. The opposite infringes upon the aforementioned inalienable rights of both mother and child. Children should be brought into this world without causing financial stress to the parents.

Mass-medication, by way of the water supply especially but not exclusively, should be outlawed as no man, woman, or child should be forced to ingest anything without prior consent and knowledge.

Treatments for any and all diseases, illnesses and injuries should be permitted after a period of testing and peer-reviewed trials. As in the case with cancer, there are treatments currently illegal in the USA that have been proven to work, but that don’t profit drug companies or major medical institutions. If it works, it should be allowed. Every doctor should be allowed to prescribe and treat his/her patients with any agreed upon schedule of treatment proven effective.

We should deemphasize animal products and bi-products as the principle means of nutrition. We should likewise endeavor to use as much of every animal killed for the benefit and use of mankind to avoid abuse and waste of the natural environment. As the current dominate species on planet Earth we have a duty and responsibility of caring for every form of life and ensuring that our creature comforts do not infringe upon our planet’s natural harmony and equilibrium. We should endeavor to leave the world a better, healthier place for our posterity.

We should outlaw genetically modifying any and all foodstuffs as it violates the aforementioned principals of disclosure to the consumer and the health of the planet.

The development of clean, renewable energy must become a top priority, for no other profit than securing for our posterity the same beautiful, life-giving earth that we inherited; propelling us ever forward in science and technology; and maintaining our current levels of health, commerce, transportation, and entertainment.

Above all else, a return to personal responsibility, common sense, and common decency must be encouraged in our homes, in our schools, and in our offices of government and industry. Political correctness has no place in a free-thinking society and only serves to undermine authority, discourage public debate, and censor our media.

These principles and suggestions are in no way meant to be a panacea for all of ills of the United States of America. It is, however, a really good start. Neither are they new- as the title suggests it is a return to the original ideas that made this country great updated to allow for technological advancement.

(Just as a point of clarity, the term “American” in this Manifesto means a natural citizen, legal immigrant and/or legal resident alien.)

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