We were once from Earth

Interstellar flight. That’s what we need in order for the species to survive any long term commitment to the universe. Let’s face it, when (not if) there is a giant asteroid, or any other of the millions of things that can go horribly wrong for the Earth for that matter, we would be DONE. There could be some DNA shot back into space from impact, but we’ll leave that for another discussion.. It is a big sci-fi concept, but I stumbled upon something called the 100 year starship initiative www.100yss.org . It takes a look at different considerations of why we should go out there. Other than survival for the species, can you imagine what innovation could be brought to the world by such a project? The possibilities could be limitless. This will require an insurmountable amount of capitol with funding by many nations, and yes, corporations. (Planet Coca-Cola coming soon?) Seem far-fetched? Of course it is! You know what else seemed far-fetched? That we could reach the bottom of the ocean, that we could put a man on the moon, that we could put a robot on mars, or smash elementary particles in giant underground tunnels. These were all sci-fi concepts at one point that were brought into physical manifestation by ideas. There is no limit to what humans can do with enough time. Good or bad. I’m hoping for the former.

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